Textures and Colours

We believe that nature is untameable and that the wild spirit of wood should reflect its origins of time.

The Soul Of A Tree

Reclaimed Wood or Lumber has a past and has been used for buildings and structures. The wood is recycled and reused to meet today’s ever-growing need for sustainable and eco-friendly homes .

Products from this article

  • MS1.1 Jaapani Konro grill šamottkastiga

  • SQPL370 COR-TEN® terasest kandiline istutuskast aplikatsiooniga 370x370mm

  • SQPL370A COR-TEN® terasest kandiline istutuskast aplikatsiooniga 370x370x450mm

  • ROPL300 COR-TEN® Terasest ümar istutuskast 300mm

Surface textures and colours are created with time and connected through the creative spirit of the owners both past and present.

80% of our wood is recycled. Reclaimed timber prevents the need for further depleting our natural forests by cutting down trees. In addition, many of the steps required to prepare the salvaged wood use 13 times less cumulative energy.